I'm Sam, a wildlife camera operator and drone pilot (CAA/FAA),  based in Bristol. 


My recent work includes long lens, drone, gimbal & macro camera operating across a range of bluechip wildlife series, for the likes of: BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, Amazon.

You can check out my recent credits/CV here.


I have  extensive experience using  the latest broadcast technology,    including: RED DSMC2, Arri, Panasonic Varicam, Sony F55, Phantom Flex. 

I have built and operated GSS 516 systems on location for vehicle based work. 

I also have a range of experience using remote camera setups and bespoke camera traps for broadcast sequences. 


I'm a resilient and self-motivated individual that thrives in tough environments,   having  worked on sequences in locations  such as Namibia, Iceland, Costa Rica, Zambia & many more. 


 Fueled by the innate beauty of the natural world I have always strived to capture  unique species  and ecosystems  through the medium of  film.    Motivated by the need to protect these iconic creatures and spaces I hope my films go some way to raising awareness of  our need to conserve  them.   

As a  graduate from Durham university (Geography BSc (Hons.)) my   physical understanding of the landscape intertwines with a deep passion for  ecology and the creatures found within these photogenic places.


Sam Oakes at Laguna Torre Cerro Torre Patagonia